Welcome to Patristic Universalism:

An Alternative View To Divine Judgment 

by David Burnfield

Review by Kevin Miller

In this accessible, thorough, passionately argued book, David Burnfield offers readers an alternative to the "two bad choices" of Arminianism and Calvinism. His solution is what he calls "Patristic Universalism," the belief that all people will ultimately be reconciled to God. David refers to his brand of Universalism as "Patristic," because it is rooted in the thinking of patristic church fathers, such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen and others who held out hope for the salvation of all. But it is also a deeply biblical view, which David takes pains to establish throughout. Not only that, his view also makes logical sense when argued from first principles. So those who have dismissed Universalism as un-biblical or even un-Christian should sit up and take notice. The same goes for those who have rejected Christianity due to their abhorrence at the thought of eternal hell or a God who would allow the actions of "frail, feeble, sin-stained humans" to trump his will. Like so many other books on Universalism that have emerged over the last few years, "Patristic Universalism" proves that you can be thorough biblical, thoroughly Christian and yet still hold out hope that all people will ultimately be reconciled to God. And that's good news. The best possible news! I highly recommend you read this book.